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Ronnie Belding-Zidon is a 28-year-old feminist filmmaker, graduate of The Steve Tisch School of Film and TV at TAU.

   Belding-Zidon wrote and directed Israel's first and only strictly lesbian series, Dyke Society, a 9-episode comedy peeking into the lives of a lesbian clique. This indie made-for-web was also televised and screened at film theatres.

   Currently, Belding-Zidon is developing a dramedy series about a merry band of queer thieves and grifters who try to give back to the community.

   Her previous project was picked to participate in the prestigious Torino Film Lab in 2019, and the series' pilot won an Award of Merit at the Best Shorts Competition and an honorable mention at the Vegas Movie Awards, as well as being selected for various festivals.

   Also, Belding-Zidon is developing an international haunted house feature film which takes place in '50s Jerusalem and focuses on three Jewish witches.

   Zidon has pursued her writing ambitions from a young age. She wrote a queer science fiction novel, and was a military journalist for three years.


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